Can Smart TVs Really Watch You?

We are well aware that we are living in an era of smart TVs, smartphones, smart pads, smart pens etc and sometimes, we tend to wonder if these gadgets are really that smart?

Can my smart TV see what I’m doing?

Today’s televisions are equipped with smart features like microphones, cameras, Internet connectivity and lots of different applications, which make the experience really close to PCs. A recent report discovered a security glitch that made many of these features, unready for the real world.

These flaws were discovered on some Samsung Smart TV devices, which enabled hackers to turn on the built-in camera without you noticing any slight trace on the screen. While you are sitting at home and watching your favorite TV series or a sports match, a hacker placed anywhere in the world could be watching you. Some hackers even lure the users to malicious websites to steal their bank account information.

Shortly after this was discovered from several iSEC Partners security researchers, Samsung fixed the problem sending software updates to all those TVs which were affected by this bug. This security leak speaks for itself and opens a bigger problem for all the gadgets, that have built-in cameras and are connected to the Internet. Cameras are not the only thing involved in this. There are also heating control and security systems that are controlled remotely through wireless connection. Without the proper security, hackers will be unstoppable and will steal all of your data.

In the Samsung Smart TVs case, the researchers claimed that they can easily enter the web browser using this glitch. This will give hackers the required access to all the functions, which can be controlled by the browser. Aaron Grattafiori, iSEC analyst, said that if only one application is vulnerable than the entire TV is vulnerable to attacks.

According to the report, the researchers were able to hack the browser on a way that will lead the users to any website chosen by the hackers. This research was made over various models of Samsung Smart TVs released in 2012 and was presented this week.

Bigger companies like Samsung are paying some hackers to find security glitches in their new devices, just like those found by iSEC. The researchers in this company believe that there are dozens of other TVs that are having the same problem and more flaws that can’t be detected. The iSEC researchers warned the users to make regular updates coming from the vendors, like they do with system updates on their smartphones. This should help to keep them protected.

Hackers are taking advantage of the technological revolution more than we, the users, do. Usually, those hackers who proved something or found a major flaw in a security system, are paid to improve it, or employed in the company for maintaining that very same system.

Blackberry Torch 9800: Champ in Blackberry Family

Blackberry is popular for its QWERTY business phones rather than touch screen. Blackberry Torch 9800 is a touch screen slider gadget with QWERTY keypad. It seems that company has done lot of research in market before launching the actual product and company is accepting the past mistakes and ready to rectify them as well. All leading network providers including O2, Virgin, 3 mobile, T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone have come with various mobile phone deals of this latest mobile phone at affordable prices throughout the United Kingdom. Consumers can place the order for this new widget through any online mobile phone shop without leaving their home or missing the office.

Blackberry Torch 9800 comes with 3.2 inches TFT touch screen and provide the QWERTY keypad as well for business users. After checking out the phone, anyone can claim that this time Blackberry has done the homework properly and it is not a regular handset at all. This electronic device is compatible with 2G and 3G network and provides super fast internet connectivity. You will also find GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, Wi-Fi etc. in this phone for wireless internet and fast data transfer. This Blackberry phone is very beautiful and stylish; you can not afford to miss it. If you are looking for a nice gadget which can fulfill you personal and business desire with complete entertainment package, then just close your eye and buy it.

Blackberry torch 9800 is also an advance gadget as far as photography is concerned. It is integrated with 5MP camera with various camera features like auto focus etc. Consumers get the 4GB internal memory with the phone which can be extended up to 32GB with the help of memory card. It also delivers the best sound quality with the help of advance music player software. It supports almost all kind of music files. According to the company, large array of message functions and business applications are USP of widget. With the help of contract mobile phones and pay monthly mobile deals, you can grab the handset at affordable cost.

The iPad App Development – Experience The Technology

Apple has always believed in creating a niche for itself in the market by bringing a revolution through its varied advanced products. With the launch of iPad, Apple has again done the same by opening a new market for tablet computers that offer fresh and amazing technology at the go. As more and more users are moving toward this gadget, the demand for specific iPad app development has also increased.

Though iPad is a revolutionary gadget of modern times, it comes with just a core set of useful programs. The gadget is mainly a tool for delivery of different programs. Several features of the gadget are ideal for delivering different state-of-the-art applications developed in accordance to the user requirements. These include a great battery life, sleek design, touchpad feature, and a high-resolution screen for the same. The whole look makes it a pearl of the device that must be had by every technology tracker.

The iPad App Development Industry

The popularity of iPad has resulted in opening the doors of a completely new iPad app development industry. It has resulted due to a growing demand for specific iPad applications catering to the specific needs of the user. These dynamic applications can cater to different user requirements. Some examples of the same can be listed as follows:

* Business applications

* Multimedia applications

* Educational applications

* Social networking applications

* Finance and other money issues related applications

* Travel applications

* Gaming applications

* Entertainment applications and several others.

In order to have special customer-specific applications, a user needs to hire the services of iPad application developer who can provide the same at an affordable cost.

Steps Involved In Application Development

An iPad App Development Expert Develops The Application By Following The Below-Mentioned Steps.

* The developer conducts market research in order to understand the features required by the customer in his or her specific application. This research helps in directing and informing his decisions regarding what to include and what not to include in the application along with the pricing of the app.

* Next step under this involves decision and other functionality considerations. Depending upon the developer, the application may have varied styling and designing along with engaging graphics. It is these successful applications that make iPad one of the coolest gadgets ever sold.

* The next and most crucial step involved in application development process is coding. Having an excellent coding is one of the most crucial steps that decides the success of the app.

The launch of iPad has changed the customer mindset a lot. It has actually managed to attract customers so much that they have been forced to shift from their computers and laptops to this tablet computer. It has actually managed to mark a new age in the development of high-tech computers and act as an example for many more technological products about to hit the market in future. In order to gain maximum benefit for the same, a user also needs successful iPad app development expert by his side.