Play Minecraft and Build Your Dreams

  • Posted on: 2 February 2015
  • By: Kenneth

There are many times when we think of the grandest and biggest house that we want to live in. We also want to have something that features amazing designs such as fancy stairs and other crazy contraptions that will make a home more unique. There are a lot of games that were made for the sake of experiencing and building that dream house, and these games have proven to be very addicting. If you just love to create buildings or something bigger, it’s best to play Minecraft.

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A Classic But Fun Game

Minecraft is known as one of the most popular games that you can play in your computer or major consoles. Although this is a game with a retro/pixelated graphics, but it will guarantee you an amazing experience if you are creative enough to design building. This is a game that will take up a lot of your time to create the best kind of mansion, castle, or citadel that you want to create. It’s not one of those that feature sophisticated graphics but you can be assured that your work will be worth it especially if it is able to help take the stress away. There is a large community of players that share their work with eachother, like

You can try the creative mode if you’re just there to make something that’s out of the ordinary. It’s a game that will really test your imagination when it comes to building stuff. Even making figures can be possible with the game, like avatars of your favorite character. It also has an online community where you can make the fortress of your dreams for you and your online friends to hang out whenever you want to talk while playing the game. It makes for a very fun and creative community for you and your online buddies.

A Brief Explanation of Time

  • Posted on: 9 January 2015
  • By: Kenneth

Time is the way man knows when a thing happened in the past and when a thing is due to happen in the future, s that he can remember things in the past and prepare for things in the future. All methods of telling time since the days of prehistoric man have been base d on some occurrence in nature, such as the rising and setting of the sun and moon, and the changing of the seasons. The length of time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun (about 365 days) is called the year. The length of time it takes the earth to rotate on its axis (about 24 hours) is called the day. However, the biggest challenge today is the question of why time moves in a forward direction. It has stumped physicists for many years.

There are two principal methods of keeping the time of day. Sidereal time is measured by the position of the earth in relation to the stars. Only astronomers use it. Solar time is measured by the position of the earth in relation to the stars. Only astronomers use it. Solar time is measured by the position of the earth in relation to the sun. The clocks and watches in our homes, ad offices, and schools keep time by the sun. Time of day is measured by the position of the sun. It is noon when the sun is on the meridian (due south for people in the United States). One o’clock in the afternoon would mean that one hour ago the sun was on the meridian. Then o’clock in the morning would mean that in two hours the sun will be on the meridian, and due south.

Tips for Dueling in Hearthstone

  • Posted on: 15 August 2014
  • By: Kenneth
deuling in hearthstone

When you are playing in the digital card game world of Hearthstone, there are several different game modes available to you, one of which is the duel. The duel allows you to engage with real time players without any ranking system, in many ways this makes it a friendly combat situation. What many players wonder is how this is different from the “friendly” setting under the Play mode.

The Play mode is the game mode in which you can choose between friendly matches or ranked matches with live players. This is different from the Practice mode in which you are only pitted against a computer driven character. You are free to invite anyone to a match in the Play mode, which makes it sound suspiciously like the Duel mode. This has left a lot of gamers wondering what the difference is between the two types of play in the game.

Difference Between Friendly Play and Duel

While in both Play and Duel mode you can challenge live players, in Duel mode there is no option for ranked combat. You do have that option in Play mode. The difference between unranked Play, or friendly Play, and Duel mode go beyond this. In the Duel mode, the card deck is unlimited, much as it is in the Arena and in the unranked Play mode you are still under the limitations of the ranked card deck. In a restricted deck, you cannot have more than 3 duplicated cards. In the Arena, you can construct a fully customized deck of 30 digital cards with as many duplicates as you want.

Using the Duel to Prepare for the Arena

The advantages to the Duel mode is it lets you prepare for combat in the Arena. The Duel mode won’t cause you to lose rank or cards, so you can test out different deck constructions to see what the advantages and disadvantages of each are. Since many people use Duel with friends, it isn’t uncommon for the construction of the decks for each to be discussed. One good way to think about this is to think about the practice of sparring in boxing. In a sparring round, the boxers are not “fighting but holding back,” one boxer is assigned the role of being defensive while the other is doing offensive techniques. If you approach constructing decks this way with your friend in the Duel mode you can get in effective practice for the Arena.

Using Friendly Play to Prepare for Ranked Combat

In the same way you can use the Play mode to prepare for ranked combat. Learning how to work within the restrictions of the deck can be to your advantage when you are in ranked play. In the friendly game, like in the duel, you won’t pay the penalties for trying out different tactics, which can be the best way to hone your fighting skills for when it will really count.

Will Stealing in World of Warcraft Get You Arrested?

  • Posted on: 5 August 2014
  • By: Kenneth
world of warcraft gameplay

The world of online gaming has an unusual set of ethics and guidelines for behavior that is all its own. In games like World of Warcraft (WoW), cheating is actually valued, not as much as it used to be when you had to find the cheats yourself – but it is still an expected part of the play. There are aspects of the play that disallow certain cheats and hacks, but overall it considered normal – even good behavior. The problem that began to happen is that as money in the online environment began to take on a real world value the cheating some players began to do crossed the line into stealing. That has brought up a whole new set of issues that the WoW community is trying to decide how to handle.

When Did Stealing Become a Bad Thing?

If you can play a thief, how can stealing be a bad thing in WoW? Like all the aspects of any multi player role playing game – it is stealing outside of the storyline that creates the problem. A thief in the game is stealing within the context of their character’s role in a world in which thieving is a way of getting a head. If you successfully best someone in battle it is expected that you will follow through and loot their inventory. Looting a character’s inventory is far different from looking the main account of the player. As there have been more allowances made for in game purchases, this has become a more widespread problem.

What is Happening IRL?

Stealing from an online account is still counted as criminal behavior in the real world. Check out this article for a good read. The whole rise and fall of the bitcoin trend put a lot of the thinking about how to value virtual funds in the real world. That the virtual currency now exists in a gaming world was found not to make much of a difference if the theft directly affected the controller of the accounts ability to fund or purchase online. If the money only represented value within the context of the game, it wouldn’t be important. Since the funds earned in the game can come from a loaded real time currency, the value extends outside of the virtual world.

There are plans in place to begin tracking and prosecuting those who steal from the main players accounts. Stealing within the context of game play would still be allowed but any behavior that would be construed as deliberately violating the security of the main profile account would be liable for criminal charges. None of this is written in stone as yet. If WoW does pursue this option, it may open the door for other games to also institute the program. What makes this even more interesting is that games like Titanfall are also beginning to penalize players that use cheat codes within the game context to get ahead. What this will mean for the future of online gaming remains to be seen.