It’s All Porn and Games ‘Til Someone Gets Hurt

An 11 year old kid in Britain recently got caught selling adult DVDs on school grounds (at When I first read this, three thoughts immediately went through my mind, in quick succession. The first thought was, although what the kid did was wrong, did they have to make a federal case out of it? I did some big, regrettable things as an adolescent in school. But I would have been mortified if those things had made the neighborhood gossip ring, much less received national media attention from the likes of the BBC.

My second, and gut-level response was a somewhat typical male, “Boys will be boys.” Then I started wondering: what is this situation trying to tell us? If there ever was a sign that porn was too accessible, especially as far as kids were concerned, this was it.

The reason I say this is because this story (about the kid selling DVDs) somewhat coincided with two other announcements. The first was the revelation – at least on a grander level anyway, I’m sure a select few people had known for a while – that the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas contained hidden elements and mini-games of a pornographic nature which could be accessed by obtaining certain modifications on the net ( (I’d tell you the website for the modifications, but I’d actually like you to finish reading this article…:)) This game was hip among teenage boys to begin with. The discovery of hidden porn might push it over the top, even if it’s just by kids who want to know and confirm that the rumors of porn are true.

The second announcement was that adult movie houses in Japan have released or are soon to release porn movies for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) ( It seems that the production of adult movies in the PSP-exclusive Universal Media Disc (UMD) format has not started in the US – yet.

Now I’m not saying that if/when the widespread availability of adult UMDs becomes a reality, these discs will by and large be sold side-by-side with the more mainstream video games. Not even alongside those rated M and above. But there will be acceptions: such as video games being sold in an otherwise adult-themed boutique or shop. And also, you know there will be the occasional unscrupulous store owner who attempts to make the adult discs available to underage gamers who shop in his mainstream gaming store.

Teenagers, by their very nature, are an inquisitive lot and they will do what you allow them to get away with. They often try to grow up way too fast and they are quite curious to know about sex. They’re prone to peer pressure, and for better or worse, they try to fit in or impress their friends or both. They will try to get their hands on the coolest items.

The fact that these items (both the game and the gaming system) are somewhat connected to porn, which at that stage in a teen’s life is a somewhat taboo (read hip and desirable) subject, is only going to make that item more wanted. (I guess in a way then that the producers of such software are marketing geniuses. Although I’d like to think that none of those producers were targeting minors from the start.)

Did the folks over at Rockstar Games honestly think they could make a mainstream video game, M-rated (for mature) though it is (so the producers could claim that they’ve covered their asses), and not have kids get there hands on the game in addition to seeking out codes for that game? My brother, while in his mid-teens, received a copy of Max Payne as a gift (another Rockstar Games production, by the way) – this is a notoriously M-rated game also, but at least it didn’t contain adult material.

Also, I’m an avid video game player in my spare time so I troll gaming boards all the time looking for cheating codes and special “Easter eggs” (gaming extras); and believe me, I’m not the only one looking. I have to question why the security for the gaming code is so lax and hack-prone in the first place.

Listen, we all know that if a kid is determined enough, he will find porn on his own. But we don’t have to make it so accessible and portable. It’s bad enough that porn is now accessible on cell phones. As prevalent and affordable as cell phones are, the average age of kids getting cells now is getting lower and lower. Parents can afford to outfit the entire family (kids included) with cells so everyone can keep in touch.

At least, if you were to whip out a portable dvd player or laptop to view a porn dvd in public, that would arouse some interest (perhaps even from potential thieves…). But viewing porn on your cell, without anyone looking directly over your shoulder (and assuming no one can hear the moans), is no more conspicuous than reading the newspaper.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently illegal in putting out porn discs in game software format or producing adult material in adult games that are explicitly slated for adults only. But software producers should take it under advisement not to make it any easier than it has to be for kids to obtain porn. Especially if said porn is contained in such boast-worthy items as a high-tech cell-phone, the latest hip video game, and a popular gaming console.

If these items were gasoline (and they just might cost less than the latter nowadays), the average underage teen fascination with sex is just the spark that’s needed to make the situation blowup in a content developer’s face.

Brain Games For Adults – Improve Your Memory, Concentration and Thinking Skill With Free Brain Games

It is proven that the brain starts aging as early as you turn 30 years of age. But wait, you aren’t pressing the panic button as yet.

It is not to say that all hell will break loose or you will be infested with some memory-related disease. It is the once the brain starts aging or as you cross 30 years of age it will start losing its vitality and if you ignore mental health at some point of your life, diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s might befriend you.

Now, this is when playing those brain games for adults once in a while become essential. These not only help the adults to a great extent in their day-to-day activities but rather they will be able to handle work at home and office with equal efficiency.

Are brain games for adults so important?

Many a times one might start sensing that one is losing that smartness or intelligence to perform better than one’s colleagues, siblings or relatives- this certainly does not mean you are incapable of proving your potential but it is how well you use the brain in practicality that makes all the difference.

Your brain needs to be engaged in constant activity, it cannot afford to be stagnant else it would just lose the ability to function normally, just like a machine. Once your brain starts losing its efficiency you will notice that others are ahead of you.

Here the brain games for adults come into picture; they are the right exercise for the aging brains. There are many online brain games for adults that can actually change your life forever and make a remarkable improvement in your mental health.

The primary sign of an aging brain is short-term memory loss, and your daily work gets dramatically affected with a stressed brain. You simply fail to concentrate one particular task at a given time, as there are so many demands at home and at work front that it gets so difficult to manage each and every task with some pre-defined precision. Basically, your brain is jammed with so many tasks that it gets exhausted trying to organize and work accordingly.

Brain games for adults will help adults concentrate and learn a new task so it is registered properly in the brain to recall and use the information as and when required. The brain games for adults boost the ability to learn better and pay attention to the external environment and store all the necessary information in order to perform daily activities more efficiently.

Online brain games for adults can be the mantra for healthy brain

It is so easy and convenient to play the such games for adults, as all that you need to do is to play the game of your choice regularly and experience the difference for yourself. There are umpteen brain games that are scientifically designed and proven to make remarkable transition in your mental health. Be it puzzles, memory games, language-improving games, cognitive games, problem-solving games, maths problems, etc all of these ensure healthy lifestyle and especially your brain be taken care of completely.

6 Tips for Packing When Moving Your House

When it comes to moving a house, we suggest that you follow some common but important packaging tips. In other words, if you follow these common hacks, you can save a great deal of time money, and energy. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some tips that can help you pack your desired items before they are loaded onto the truck. Read on to know more.

Labe the Items

This is an essential part of the moving process. It is not enough to place general labels on the boxes. What you need to do is label all of the moving boxes based on the content they contain. The label should clearly state what each box contains.

This is important when you are opening up the boxes and taking out all of the items one by one. Besides, it is a great way of keeping a record of all of the items, which will help you save a lot of time and energy.

Pack the Essentials

If some things are required immediately after all of the boxes are unloaded from the truck, make sure you put these items in special boxes. Some good examples of these items include your toothbrush and mobile phone chargers. Generally, this box should contain items that you use on a regular basis.

Pack your Important Items

When it comes to moving a house, make sure you place all of your important documents in the same box. Some examples of these documents include birth and marriage certificates. Make sure that all of these documents are safe and secure.

It is also a great idea to put all your personal documents such as passwords in your personal bag. After all, losing your passport can get you in trouble and make you suffer a lot of headaches.

Packing Heavy Items

As far as packing heavy items is concerned, you have to be much more careful. After all, you don’t want to end up dropping and damaging these items. Besides, carrying heavy items requires that you maintain your balance.

It is better that you hire the services of professional movers if you don’t want to end up damaging heavy items. Also, it is a good idea to place heavy items below all of the other items you have already packed. Also, you may not want to paste labels on all of the boxes that contain heavy and fragile items.

Packaging Fragile Items

As far as packing fragile items is concerned, make sure you be extra careful. It is a great idea to use bubble wraps for packing all of your fragile and expensive items. Once you have packed all of the items, you can stack them vertically to prevent breakage.

Packaging Toiletries

As far as packing cosmetics is concerned, you may want to use a hard cosmetic case. Apart from this, make sure you separate these things with great care. In other words, you need to separate creams and dry items.