Where to Find the Best Price on Primera LX500 Color Label Printers

The Primera LX500 color label printer comes in two flavors: the LX500 and the LX500c with the main difference being that the LX500c includes a built-in guillotine label cutter. The Primera LX500 has a retail price of $1295 while its LX500c sibling retails for $1395. As you likely know, discounts off the list price are periodically offered.

These compact, full color label printers are manufactured by Primera Technology who sells the LX500 directly to consumers as well as authorizes other business and technology providers and distributors to resell or distribute them through the Primera Partner Program. Thus, you have multiple options for finding the best price on a LX500 color label printer.

When searching for the best deals on the Primera LX500 and LX500c, you’ll notice that many resellers follow Primera Technology’s lead as far as pricing goes. When Primera Technology discounts the LX500, resellers often match their prices. Thus, deals are plentiful. However, there’s more to consider than price along including the cost of shipping in the continental United States of America. DuraFast Label Company offers the best price on the Primera LX500 and LX500c, free ground shipping to the continental USA, and several other advantages that no one else offers. Here’s a look at why DuraFast Label Company is the best place to buy the Primera LX500.

Primera LX500 Price

DuraFast Label Company currently lists the LX500 selling price $1225 + free shipping and the LX500c selling price $1325 + free shipping. These prices are about $70 off list price.

Additional Savings

In addition to offering the LX500 and LX500c at the same discounted price as Primera Technology, DuraFast Label Company accepts PayPal, Amazon Pay, PayPal Credit, American Express, Visa or Mastercard.

With the special promotional discount code, LX500, DuraFast Label Company offers the following:

• Free ground shipping in Continental USA

$250 in free labels ($150 at time of printer purchase and $100 for printer review after purchase)

• 30 days premium technical support

• Free setup, installation support

• Free 1-hour Bartender label design tutorial so that you can design and print your labels

Knowledge and Accessibility

Many resellers sell the LX500 and LX500c color label printer on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay where pricing and shipping varies by seller. The best LX500 deals are not necessarily on these sites. Even when the price is the same, you cannot talk to the sellers to answer any questions you may have about the Primera LX500/LX500c color label printer and how it works. Plus, many of the resellers do not offer any returns or support for the product. Once you purchase the printer, you are on your own.

The benefit of buying the Primera LX500 from DuraFast Label Company is that DuraFast’s sales consultants use the Primera LX500 every day, so they can answer your questions and address your needs. Plus, after you buy the Primera LX500, they will even help you set it up via the telephone, walking you through connecting it, installing the printer driver, and using Bartender Lite label design software to design and print your labels.

In summary, the best place to buy the Primera LX500 or LX500c label printer is DuraFast Label Company, which has the best price along with these additional benefits:

• 15-day return policy. Once you receive the printer and find it’s not for you, you can return the printer for a refund, less shipping charges. You will be responsible only for the shipping charges both ways and the cost of any consumables (ink and labels) that you have used.

• $250 in free labels. Start by using our special discount code (LX500 or LX500c) at the time of purchase to receive your first $150 in free labels. Approximately two weeks after we ship you your LX500 printer, we will send you an email asking you to submit a product review on the printer you purchased from us and any other accessories like the labels. If you submit a rating on the LX500 and leave your feedback, we will give you another $100 in free label credit. You can select from our large section of LX500 labels. We have matte and high gloss paper labels as well as synthetic labels for great durability like polypropylene (matte and glossy) and polyester labels (white, clear, gold, and silver). We also have name badges and tags.

• 30 days of free premium support. Once your printer arrives, we will help you set it up and start printing your product labels.

Many resellers offer a discount off of the list price along with free shipping, but none come close to the added value offered by DuraFast Label Company who goes even further by offering the best price on the Primera LX500, free shipping, up to $250 worth of free labels with your purchase, a generous return policy, free setup and installation, and 30 days of premium support. DuraFast Label Company also has competitive prices on Primera LX500 ink cartridges. Spend less and get more when you buy Primera LX500 color label printers from DuraFast Label Company.

How to Find the Best Data Recovery Software for You

Selection of the best data recovery software is crucial if you want to ensure a successful recovery of your lost data. But, the problem that people face when looking out for the best software is “they read product reviews.” Maximum of such reviews are paid; therefore, they are product centric. In many reviews, you will not even see a single “flaw” of the software. How it is possible that the software does not have even a single fault? Was that designed and developed by a team of angles? So, you need to be aware of such paid reviews when looking out for an efficient software to recover the lost data.

In this article, I will take you through some steps that can help you find the best solution help you recover the lost data from Windows or Mac machines. In addition to Windows and Mac, you will be able to perform data recovery on pen drives, memory cards, cameras, etc.

Best Method to Find a Perfect Data Recovery Tool

First of all, you need to forget all reviews. You do not need to stick to any specific brand as well. You should rather inspect the functioning of the tool, its simplicity, and its accuracy. So, let’s start finding a good solution to perform flawless data recovery.

Step 1 – Start a Web browser.

Step 2 – Open Google or Bing.

Step 3 – Type “Data Recovery software companies” in the search bar.

Step 4 – Visit websites of a few companies in separate tabs.

Step 5 – Download the trial versions of the software of the different companies.

After this, we need to prepare a setup to test these trial versions. Before we go ahead, I would like to mention that “the free trial versions of these software” work similar to the paid versions, but you are not allowed to save the recovered data. You can check the worth of the recovered data, but to that a licence will need to be purchased.


Do not use the free trial version on the device from which you want to recover the lost data, because if it does not work well, you may not be able to get back the lost data even with another tool. That’s why, after Step 5 above” I mentioned the need to prepare a setup.

Preparing Setup for testing the Best Data Recovery Software

  • Move the free trial versions of the tool on any other computer. Note that this PC should not be the one from which you need to perform the actual data recovery.
  • Now install the first trial version.
  • After this, delete some files, folders, etc. using the SHIFT + Del key. This key deletes the data without moving it first to the Recycle Bin folder. You can also format a partition to perform the recovery.

Testing and Finding the Best Software to Recover the Lost Data

  • Once the deletion process is completed, launch the free trial version.
  • Browse the hard disk partition from which you have deleted the data. If you have formatted a partition, select that.
  • Start the scanning process.
  • Now, stay relaxed and do whatever you want to do because this process will take some time depending on the amount of the data to be recovered.
  • After the scanning process has been completed, you will see a list of the data recovered from the selected hard disk partition.
  • Analyze that data based on the percentage of recovery, quality, etc.
  • If you find that more than 60-70% recovery has been done and the quality is good as well, you can purchase a license key for this Data Recovery software. If the percentage of recovery is less than 60% or the quality is not good, you can uninstall this trial version and repeat the above process once again until you find the best software to recover the lost data.
  • After you have come across the best software, install its licensed version on the PC where you want to perform the recovery and run it.


Please note that in the case of severe corruption, the percentage of data recovery can be less than 60%, but in such cases, few software often provide raw recovery. You may want to go ahead with that solution as well.


The process demonstrated above may consume substantial time, but at the end, you will have one of the best Data Recovery software that you will feel proud to recommend to others as well. However, if you do not have time for the testing, you may straight forward want to go for a well-known solution.